Fresh air to breathe

Ideal for room climate

Proplast's ventilation systems are mounted on the upper part of the window between the frame and the sash and provide an air exchange which helps to fight on  mold.

Mold fight

These simple and highly effective systems provide a pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

Formation in the house or in the apartment occurs when certain areas of the room remain permanently moist and can not be built. visual impairment, mold spores, at the same time a serious health burden. Also: more diseases and respiratory tract can result, allergies result.

To solve this problem, two automatic operating systems have been developed to control the amount of air change and to achieve low energy consumption in hygienic weather conditions, depending on the Basic Air Plus ® and the CONTROL air environment.

Can be used in many systems and without bumps

  • it can also be used as input opening for exhaust air systems
  • self-regulating combustion air source for gas / oil springs and open fireplaces (calculation required)
  • It is mounted on the top of the window between the frame and the sash so it is not visible when the window is closed

Ventilation it is possible not only with the frame / sash , but also in the transverse mullion.

Basic Air Plus

  • high air transmission values
  • already 2 pa from the wind pressure
  • Class IV / 42 dB audio isolation tested
  • Waterproof up to E 750
  • Ventilation for moisture protection according to DIN 1946-6 is possible
  • Meets the requirements of the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV)

Pro Air

each one
  • It consists of one to two single flanks of 125 mm width
  • High airflow values at pressure differential up to 20 Pa
  • Automatic down regulation at 20-30 Pa in main airspace
  • Up to 42 dB
  • sound insulation is possible (sound insulation class IV)
  • Quick assembly without venting milling and drilling operations
  • Easy to install even in pre-loaded windows