About Us

About Us

Proplast Pvc Door and Windows Systems

Proplast Pvc   founded in 2005, aim to fully meets the needs of our valued customers with Proplast  brand name.

Proplast Pvc  has been started to produce multi chambers pvc profiles like 60mm,70mm, 70/60, 75mm 80mm and Sliding series in accordance to the needs of customers.

Proplast Pvc wanted to make difference and new formation in the market conditions  in term of price & quality.

Proplast Pvc is on the way to be leader in its sector by  combining technology with aesthetics and quality  as heat ,sound isolation, perfect assembly and practical use.

Proplast PVC expanded its service with its pvc profile bending and lamination with different colors & design  and large range of glazing  bead from 4 mm upto 36 mm.

Proplast Pvc  profile for window and door systems create a difference in its sector in term of using the latest technologie.

Thanks to its wide range of multi chambers systems  from 60 mm up to 80 mm profile,  sliding serie system, providing wooden appearance in the lamination applications with "European orginality", in edition the thickness  which provide the European standart  with its competitivity in all aspects can be a partner of  solutions in all kind of archituctural  projects .

Proplast  Pvc make exportations its products to many countries in the World.



Our Missions

Proplast combines the powerful knowledge with technology to ensure the comfort of consumers developing products and services.

Without compromising customer satisfaction, it provides both quality products and services and manages to be the pioneer of the environmentalist movement.

Proplast, aiming at continuous growth with profitability, also sets the added value for the sector as a mission.

Proplast has proved its quality with the quality certificates it receives from international measurement and standardization organizations.

The aim of Proplast is to become one of the well known PVC PROFILE PRODUCER in the world by offering the highest quality products with its services  in domestic and foreign consumers.

For this reason,  Proplast Pvc  aims to offer  to  world market with global mindset the products produced with the most advanced technology.

Our Visions

Our duty is to become one of the best quality pvc profile brand as PROPLAST PVC in the world and stay always in the top of rank.

Proplast Pvc will stay as a leader of its sector  with its high–tech products as pvc profiles and other products which will provide it permanent  brand in the market by it sustainable innovations and new development brought to the sector.

Proplast Pvc provide best price & quality to its customers without compromise of any quality by using efficiently latest technology/ equipments with human resources.

Quality Certificates


Our Quality Policy

Proplast PVC works to produce high quality Pvc Door and Window systems to meet our customer's' expectations at the highest level.

in addition Proplast Pvc provides after-sales support in reliable way.

working with professional teams who knows all ways well how to apply quality management systems and how to develop it philosophy.

Therefore Proplast Pvc keeps  always to be considered on of the leading in its sector.

Proplast Pvc move as a leader company  in term of quality and environmental respects.

Proplast Pvc strive to apply quality standards in all productions process to prevent environmental pollution and keep develop continuously quality standards and environmental performance.

Legal regulations on this subject ,Proplast Pvc always undertake to show its  respects to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

Our main policy; To make the production and delivery of the orders on time, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction ,  to increase employee satisfaction and to provide continuous trainings to improve quality-environmental awareness.


Our Environmental Policy

Proplast PVC's environmental policy;

  • It undertake to keep the promises given regarding environmental.
  • Offer best and effective energy solutions to customers with the most beneficial environmentally conscious.
  • Develops products and service in accordance environment friendly.
  • Follow up the  innovations and developments with  sensitive manner on environmental issues.
  • Comply with environmental regulations with willingness and unconditionally.
  • About the environment ; aims to make difference with support of customers and  employees  spread out environment friendly approach.
  • Take account of the environmental impacts in profession related to field of expertise
  • Keep provide to prevent continuously all kinds of environmental pollution during works
  • All departments give priority to take attention to the environmental factors
  • It aims to reduce and eliminate waste product in a way to minimize environmental impacts